Testing APEX Apps is nowas easy as creating them.

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An APEX App to test APEX Apps

No coding required

LCT provides an intuitive Low Code interface for designing Oracle APEX tests. By accessing your APEX application metadata, our user-friendly test definition wizards simplify the test creation process.

Tailored to Oracle APEX

Effortlessly interact with APEX applications using our user-friendly interfaces tailored to specific APEX components. We also ensure that your tests remain functional and compatible even after Oracle APEX upgrades.

LCT supports Browsers like Edge, Firefox, Safari and Chrome

Test thoroughly

Are you testing each new feature across all browsers? If not, we've made it much easier for you! Run your tests using multiple engines and rapidly identify any browser-specific issues that may arise.

Automatically Detect Regressions

Automate your test scheduling and receive instant notifications on any regression issues. Minimize risks associated with Oracle APEX upgrades and new feature implementations.

test output log

Extensive Reporting

From screenshots and detailed log files to comprehensive error messages - LCT is designed to provide as much information as possible. You can even follow the test execution in real-time via our LiveLog!


LCT With Support Hours

Get access to LCT with a monthly subscription fee.

10 hours


1.500 €month

  • LCT App and Server
  • Version Updates
  • Access to our Support Team
  • Unused hours will sum up for 12 months

Jump Start Workshop


Kickstart your LCT journey with a workshop by our team for a swift and efficient start.

8.000 €once

Workshop length: 2 days

  • Exploring LCT: An Introduction
  • Best Practices in Testing: Guidelines and Methodologies
  • Interactive Q&A Session
  • Advanced Testing Strategies
  • Custom Scenarios: Approaches for Your Specific Needs
  • Hands-On Experience: Practical LCT Testing
LCT installation and integration tests: on average 1 day with 200 € per hour (can vary).


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Kai Donato

Product Manager LCT